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Caracas is the capital of Venezuela and main entry way to the country. The city is hemmed in by green forested hills and is home to almost five million people, from the tremendously wealthy to the desperately poor. Caracas has an excellent infrastructure of hotels and services for demanding leisure travelers and adventure traveler alike.

The city was founded in 1567 as Santiago de Leon de Caracas by Spanish explorer Diego de Losada. Caracas was the birthplace of two of Latin America's most important figures, Francisco de Miranda and "El Libertador" Simon Bolivar.


A terrible earthquake destroyed the city on March 26, 1812 and was portrayed by authorities as a divine punishment to people rebelling against the Spanish Crown, during the Venezuelan War of Independence.


As the economy of oil-rich Venezuela grew steadily during the first part of the 20th century, Caracas became one of Latin America's economic centers, and was also known as the preferred hub between Europe, South America and the United States of America.

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