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Visit: Lima - Iquitos - Amazon River Cruise - Amazon Rainforest - Three Frontiers region (Peru/Colombia/Brazil) - Cusco - Machu Picchu

14 days / 13 nights - Friday thru Thursday


 Tour Description:  This fascinating tour combines a journey on the Amazon River with visits to the historic city of Cuzco and the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu. Designed for explorers, adventurers, and discoverers alike this program will give you an in-depth view of these magnificent areas. Learn about the flora and fauna of the Amazon River and forest onboard a comfortable river boat and visit one of the seven wonders of the world, the Inca ruins of Cuzco and Machu Picchu. This is a journey of a lifetime.


The program will start with a night in Lima and continue to the Amazon and the historic Andes region of Cuzco and Machu Picchu. In the Amazon we will have a chance to absorb life in an Amazon city while spending the night in Iquitos. On the next day we depart on a river journey along the legendary Amazon River on board a famous exploration vessel. During this portion of the trip you will be led by naturalist guides who will show and teach you about the rich flora and fauna of the rainforest and the cultures of the Amazon. On our way to Cuzco we will spend another night in Lima where we have a chance to explore this wonderful city in preparation for the Andes portion of the trip. In the fascinating city of Cuzco and also in its immediate surroundings we have a chance to observe several Inca ruins, some of which have just been discovered recently. Before reaching Machu Picchu visit and spend the night in the Sacred Valley of the Inca with its colorful Indian market and historic towns. The culmination of the trip is our entry to the lost city of Machu Picchu with plenty of time for exploring both with our guide and on your own on the second day in this area.


At the end of the program you will return to Lima from where you can either fly back home or take additional add-on programs. We strongly recommend a visit to Ica and Nazca on the coast to observe the mysterious Lines from the air or extend your program with a visit to Lake Titicaca, the worlds highest lake.


 Day 1 - Friday  - LIMA
, PM or EVE - Arrive in Lima. Passengers arriving on International flights will be greeted by our bi-lingual guide outside the customs area of Lima International airport. Guide and porters will assist you with your luggage to the waiting vehicle for the transfer to hotel Los Delfines (or similar). Check in and remainder of the day at leisure in the Lima. Relax at the hotel or take advantage and visit one of the many museums. At night you may want to visit one of the many casinos in town or maybe make dinner reservations at one of Lima's well known first class restaurants. Overnight at the hotel.
(No meals)

 Day 2 - Saturday  - LIMA / IQUITOS
- Buffet breakfast at the hotel followed by a transfer to the airport for the 1:30 hour flight to the city of Iquitos. Enjoy the flight over the enormous Andes mountain range and descend to the airport of Iquitos, located in what seems to be the middle of a vast green carpet. Our local representative will be waiting for you outside the customs area of the airport to provide the transfer to hotel El Dorado Plaza (or similar). Check in relax.

- Enjoy the afternoon at leisure in Iquitos. There are plenty of options: You maybe want to hire a motorcar and visit the local Quistococha zoo or take a walk on the main plaza and down to the river front where you will get a first glimpse of the Amazon River flowing by the city. Just a few years ago the Amazon River used to flow right alongside the area called "Malecon", now it has changed its course and can be seen a mile away. Where the river used to flow now there are huts and locals make their homes but who knows, in a few years the river may flow here again.

EVE - Your guide will pick you up from the hotel to take you to a typical restaurant in town for dinner. After dinner you are on your own to enjoy the nightlife. Overnight at the hotel.
(B, D.)
 Day 3 - Sunday  - IQUITOS / AMAZON RIVER
- Breakfast at the hotel. Enjoy the morning hours in the city on your own. Take a stroll alongside the river or visit the floating city of Belen. You may also want to observe the weekly parade at the main square with participation of schools, companies, army, navy, police and other governments agencies. Be prepared for a late morning pick up from the hotel for the transfer to the dock. Here you will board the "M/V Rio Amazonas", your exploration vessel that will be your home for the next 6 nights. The cruise director will gather all travelers and give a briefing on the safety procedures on board and the program for the next few days.

PM - Check into your air conditioned cabin while the ship departs down the Amazon River towards the border with Colombia and Brazil. The landscape will soon turn from buildings and shipyards to water and a shoreline of vast jungle and an occasional settlement on both sides of the vessel. Time and weather permitting we will make a stop at Yanamono to visit a sugar cane rum still, followed by a short walk at Chameleon Island to observe the Victoria Regia water Lilies.
Dinner will be served and the crew may get together for some singing and story telling on the moon deck.
(B, L, D)

 Day 4 - Monday
- The guides will wake us up early in the morning for the first excursion of the day. After a fresh cup of coffee or tea we will board the skiffs and navigate away from the vessel up the Ampiyacu River for bird watching. Don't forget your cameras and binoculars. The early morning hours are the best time to observe birds preparing for their day. The guides will point out the many species of birds that find their habitat in this area. The guides will have the engines turned off at a remote site. Sit back and absorb the beauty of the area and the sounds of the surrounding rain forest. Times like this will remain in our memories forever. Return to the vessel for breakfast and maybe a shower.
Later in the morning we will visit two native settlements at the Bora and Huitoto villages. Natives from both tribes have been in contact with westerners for several years but still retain their culture and practice their rituals. The woman of both tribes are involved with making handicrafts and will offer these to us on our visit. Later we will visit the town of Pebas, which is the oldest Peruvian town on the Amazon.

PM - Return back to the vessel for refreshments and lunch. After a morning full of activity we have some time to lean back and relax in a lounge chair or hammock on the sun deck, read a book or take a nap in our cabin. Later in the afternoon the crew will gather travelers for a jungle hike in the dense rain forest of the Shishita River area. Small groups, each with their naturalist guide, will head out into the forest to take advantage of the area where we have great opportunities to view wildlife.

EVE - Other than dinner on board, no activities are scheduled for the evening. A normal night on board consists of a get together at the area around the bar. We socialize with our fellow travelers and crew. People from around the world join on this trip and each individual has their own story. Travelers normally retire to their cabins rather early in preparation for the next day. The vessel will continue its voyage down the Amazon River.
(B, L, D)

 Day 5 - Tuesday  - AMAZON RIVER
- After a healthy breakfast we prepare to disembark at Paranaquiro village from where we explore the forest. Regularly we will observe primates and macaws in the area. Our guides will explain about the trees and vines of the jungle and their use to locals and modern medicine. Several universities and study groups visit the region every year to set up research centers in the forest. On our way back to the vessel we will stop at a backwater lake for some Piranha fishing "Amazon style". With just a line, a hook and some meat we will catch this legendary fish just over the side of the skiffs.

PM - We will catch up with the our exploration vessel, the Rio Amazonas, further down the river where lunch will be ready to be served. After our meal we will have some time to relax on board. The ship will turn up a tributary of the Amazon and through a narrow canal to the village of Caballococha. We will disembark for a brief visit of the village followed by a late afternoon boat excursion up the canal. Sunset is an amazing time of the day in the Amazon and many of our great photographs will be taken at this time. When the night sets we will cross a large lake to look for the Amazon caiman in the reedy shallows and listen to the sounds of the forest. 

EVE - Return to the Rio Amazonas for dinner and a night at leisure.
(B, L, D)

 Day 6 - Wednesday  - AMAZON RIVER / THREE FRONTIERS (Peru - Brazil - Colombia)
- During the overnight hours the vessel has arrived at the "Three Frontiers". This is the point where Peru, Brazil and Colombia meet on the Amazon River. We will dock on the Peruvian side of the river at the island of Santa Rosa, opposite the small cities of Leticia (Colombia) and Tabatinga (Brazil). After breakfast there will be a boat transfer to the city of Leticia for a morning at leisure. Here we have a chance to visit the local zoo, the ethnic museum or shop for emeralds and local handicrafts in the many stores in both the Colombian and Brazilian side of the border (no visas required). At around noon we gather at a set place for the transfer back to our vessel where lunch will be waiting.

PM - From this point on our vessel will now head upstream, back towards Iquitos. After lunch the cruise director will give a briefing on the upcoming activities during the next few days. Enjoy a well deserved afternoon at leisure onboard after a busy morning. Time permitting, the guides will organize a late afternoon or early evening shore excursion in the Cayaru river area.

EVE - Dinner on board and evening at leisure.
(B, L, D)

 Day 7 - Thursday  - AMAZON RIVER
- You may want to wake up early and observe a unique sunrise over the Amazon, an always incredible spectacle of colors. The sun deck is an ideal place to observe the changes between night and day. Breakfast will be served while the ship arrives at Chimbote for a document check. While the crew takes care of the formalities we board the shore boats to cross the river into an area where tributaries and lakes are covered with vegetation. This is a great place to observe the flora and fauna of the Amazon and our guides will take us up small tributaries and remote lakes for the best photo opportunities. After the vessel has cleared its routine document check it will slowly continue up the Amazon River where we will rendezvous with it.

PM - After lunch the vessel will dock at the small port of the village of San Pablo. We disembark for a short visit of the village where we get a chance to observe the friendly locals and their customs or maybe purchase some of their handicrafts. By mid afternoon we get back on board and leave the village behind us. The Rio Amazonas will head back upriver now in direction of the Peruate River.

EVE - Dinner will be served, followed by a night exploration by launch up the Peruate River to listen to the sounds of the jungle and spot Amazon caiman. The remainder of the night can be enjoyed on board.
(B, L, D.) 


* IMPORTANT NOTE: The itinerary, as shown, is subject to change without prior notice. Certain circumstances, such as: changing weather conditions, safety concerns and in general any reason or situation beyond our control may force local tour operators and / or their guides to alter any part of this itinerary for the wellbeing and in the best interest of travelers. Changes will only be made if they are absolutely necessary. Our goal is to provide clients with a safe environment and programs that exceed their expectations.

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