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Travel to Peru, a fascinating country filled with culture, history and contrasts, a travel destination like no other. From the Pacific coast to the snow capped mountains of the Andes, the people and history of Cuzco and Machu Picchu to the Amazon River and the natives in the rain forest Peru has something to offer for all kinds of travelers.

A country where past and present are culturally entangled, where centuries have gone by without notice. When visiting Peru we observe memories of earlier periods everywhere. It is rich in historic culture of proud people and traditions, spectacular varied scenery, preserved beauty and mysterious places. The Andes of Peru is amazingly stunning offering refreshing simplicity and even now it is still home to millions of highland Indians who speak the native tongue of Quechua and practice customs as they have done for many centuries. It is the colonial preservation of Conquistador legacy that truly never conquered but melded and blended.


Peru is a country of great diversity where we find arid coastal deserts, farming oasis, quaint fishing villages and the Amazon basin. The tall Andean Sierras where the mystery and intrigue of the ancient Inca Empire still lies.


A visit to Peru is not complete until you visit the city of Cuzco where past and present collide. The city is the mythical capital of the Inca Empire and today's archeological center of Peru. It is also the jumping point for the ruins of Machu Picchu. Undiscovered beneath dense foliage for thousands of years until somewhat recently discovered in 1911 the ruins are an amazing spectacle.


Besides the intriguing history and culture, Peru also is home to Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake with over 3,000 square miles of deep blue waters and over 30 islands. A discovery of this most sacred body of water in the Inca Empire is one of Latin Tours Online most popular programs.


Peru is a once in a lifetime tour experience which we are proud to offer to our clients. Your interest and respect of mystical nature, a thirst for ancient Peruvian history and your spirit of adventure, the people and their colorful traditions, all this will make Peru a great vacation destination.

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