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Visit: Three Frontiers area (Colombia / Brazil / Peru) - Amazon River - Tributaries - Iquitos (Peru)

4 days / 3 nights
- Wednesday thru Saturday


 Tour Description:  The Leticia to Iquitos River Voyage is ideal for those who travel from Brazil or Colombia to Peru but still wish to have a taste of the Amazon Basin spending a few days sailing up the Amazon River on a legendary ship, the MV Rio Amazonas. This exciting voyage take you from the border of Brazil, Colombia and Peru to the city of Iquitos, some 250 kilometers. All the way along this voyage you will explore the river, its tributaries, the dense rainforest, towns and native villages on the way. Bi-lingual Naturalist guides will accompany you on all excursions by shore boats and by foot while explaining all about the flora, fauna, the people and cultures of those who live here.


 Day 1 - Wednesday  - LETICIA / AMAZON RIVER
AM - (We strongly suggest to arrive in the Leticia / Tabatinga area at least one day early *1 ) Our services will begin late morning at the rendezvous point in the Hotel Anaconda in Leticia. All travelers should gather at the Hotel Anaconda around noon time where they will be welcomed by our guides. Passengers arriving in Tabatinga (Brazil) from Manaus or in Leticia from Bogota (Colombia) on early flights *1 may enjoy these friendly towns at leisure during the morning hours. Transfer by foot to the river front. The Hotel Anaconda is located just a few yards from the shore of the Amazon river and it is here where a small boat will be waiting for the transfer across the river to Santa Rosa, a Peruvian islands in front of Leticia / Tabatinga. Board the "M/V RIO AMAZONAS", your exploration vessel that will be your home for the next 3 nights. The cruise director will give a briefing on the safety procedures on board and the program for the next few days.

*1 Contact us for accommodations and services in the Leticia (Colombia) / Tabatinga (Brazil) area and Iquitos (Peru).
We can also provide our clients with airfare quotes from within Colombia, Brazil and Peru

PM - Check into your air conditioned cabin while the ship departs upstream into Peru towards the city of Iquitos, some 250 kilometers away at this point. The landscape will soon turn from the buildings in Leticia and Tabatinga to water and a shoreline of vast jungle and an occasional settlement on both sides of the vessel. Relax on the sun deck or in your air conditioned cabin after a busy morning. Time permitting, the guides will organize a late afternoon or early evening shore excursion in the Cayaru river area.

EVE - Dinner on board and evening at leisure.
(B, L, D)

 Day 2 - Thursday  - AMAZON RIVER
- You may want to wake up early and observe a unique sunrise over the Amazon, an always incredible spectacle of colors. The sun deck is an ideal place to observe the changes between night and day. Breakfast will be served while the ship arrives at Chimbote for a document check. While the crew takes care of the formalities we board the shore boats to cross the river into an area where tributaries and lakes are covered with vegetation. This is a great place to observe the flora and fauna of the Amazon and our guides will take us up small tributaries and remote lakes for the best photo opportunities. After the vessel has cleared its routine document check it will slowly continue up the Amazon River where we will rendezvous with it.

PM - After lunch the vessel will dock at the small port of the village of San Pablo. We disembark for a short visit of the village where we get a chance to observe the friendly locals and their customs or maybe purchase some of their handicrafts. By mid afternoon we get back on board and leave the village behind us. The Rio Amazonas will head back upriver now in direction of the Peruate River.

EVE - Dinner will be served, followed by a night exploration by launch up the Peruate River to listen to the sounds of the jungle and spot Amazon caiman. The remainder of the night can be enjoyed on board.
(B, L, D.)

 Day 3 - Friday  - AMAZON RIVER
- In the morning hours, just after breakfast, the Rio Amazonas will arrive at a Yagua Indian village. We will disembark here and visit the village. Our guides will teach us about the customs, traditions and beliefs of this tribe. The men still hunt in the  jungle while the woman stay in the village with the children. You may want to trade some of your manufactured goods for native handicrafts produced by the tribe.

PM - Lunch on board while the vessel sails upriver. Late afternoon we arrive at the Apayacu River where we will explore this beautiful black water river and its lakes. Like in many places of the Amazon River and its tributaries we can observe fresh water dolphins hunting for their prey in spots where two rivers meet.

EVE - Farewell dinner on board. Enjoy the evening with the guides and fellow travelers. The crew will join us for our last evening on board with some music.
(B, L, D.)

 Day 4 - Saturday  - AMAZON RIVER / IQUITOS
- Early morning arrival in the city of Iquitos. Say goodbye to new found friends and transfer to your local hotel or to the airport for your flight to Lima. - ASK US FOR CUZCO MACHU PICCHU PROGRAMS -


* IMPORTANT NOTE: The itinerary, as shown, is subject to change without prior notice. Certain circumstances, such as: changing weather conditions, safety concerns and in general any reason or situation beyond our control may force local tour operators and / or their guides to alter any part of this itinerary for the wellbeing and in the best interest of travelers. Changes will only be made if they are absolutely necessary. Our goal is to provide clients with a safe environment and programs that exceed their expectations.

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