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Visit: Lima - Iquitos - Amazon River and Tributaries - Amazon Rainforest

8 days / 7 nights
- Starts on selected Saturdays throughout the year


 Tour Description:  Cruise deep into the large and complex eco-system of the Peruvian Amazon basin on a small but comfortable Amazon expedition boat, the MV Arca. Marvel at flocks of parrots crossing the sky above, watch children from small villages play at the mighty River's edge and observe the towering trees that form a green corridor thru which the rivers flow. Something new and exciting is always to be seen around the next bend in the river. Spend days hiking through the rainforest, explore the rivers and lakes by small boats, view wildlife, fish for piranha and relax in comfort on the upper deck of your expedition boat while surrounded by the sights and sounds most people can only imagine.
This voyage traveling into remote areas operates in two different versions following the same basic itinerary but with the difference that "Naturalist" trips will be guided by knowledgeable local English speaking Naturalist guides while the "Zoologist" trips operate with the added value of insight into the wonders of the rainforest flora and fauna provided by an American Zoologist host.


Small Group sizes    DAY BY DAY ITINERARY  *   (max. 16 people)

 Day 1 - Saturday  - LIMA
, PM -or EVE - This tour begins with your arrival in Lima, the capital of Peru. We highly recommend to arrive in Peru (Lima) at least one day prior to the departure of the boat trip from Iquitos on Sunday - Click here for tentative flight information.

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No services are scheduled during your arrival day in Lima, however, at an additional cost we can provide you with airport transfers and hotel accommodations in Lima if needed, depending on the arrival time of your International flight.
(No meals)

 Day 2 - Sunday  - LIMA, IQUITOS, AMAZON RIVER, TRIBUTARIES & RAINFOREST - Transfer, sailing and excursion
- Our services will begin upon your arrival at the airport of Iquitos where you will be greeted by the guides outside the customs area. Transfer to the MV Arca for departure on the Amazon.

PM - At around lunch time we depart from Iquitos or Nauta on the Amazon River upstream towards the junction of the Rio Ucayali and Rio Marañon, the two rivers that mingle their waters to form the Amazon. As we travel, watch for the Pink and Gray Dolphins that can be observed from the deck and the egrets along the riverbanks. We'll gather for a brief orientation, allowing everyone to acquaint themselves with the boat and crew.
Late in the afternoon we leave the Arca for an outing in the aluminum boats to look for birds, monkeys and sloth along a jungle creek. With luck we will have a terrific sunset, complete with flocks of parrots, caciques, and oropendolas heading for their rookeries.

EVE - Dinner and relax before bed.
(L, D.)

 Day 3 - Monday
- At dawn we will have arrived far upriver into remote regions seldom traveled by outsiders. Before breakfast we take an excursion boat and head up a beautiful, black-water stream to look for monkeys, parrots, and a host of other birds that will be moving at this time. Smaller streams are excellent places to observe bromeliads and orchids, and all sorts of wildlife.
Return to the boat for breakfast followed by a hike in the rainforest, experiencing the sights, sounds, and scent of the world’s greatest wilderness up-close for the first time. We will take a leisurely stroll and look at plant and animal oddities along the way. This is a great opportunity for photography. Some truly gigantic forest trees, complete with twisting lianas, aerial termite nests, and a host of novel flora and fauna can be seen here. Upon our return to the boat we continue sailing upstream.

PM - After a refreshing shower, lunch will be served while we talk about our morning hike and the next destination not too far away. At mid-afternoon we reach a riverside community where everyone can visit, purchase local handicrafts, and see how people live along the river. Late afternoon we head up a beautiful stream nearby where we can observe monkeys, blue-and-yellow macaws, and perhaps a sloth or two. Those choosing to remain on board can fish or relax with a good book, taking in the never-ending river sights: rafts of bananas, dugouts with exotic tropical fishes, etc.

EVE - After dinner, grab your flashlights and board the aluminum boats for an unforgettable night ride along the creek in search of owls, potoos (really weird birds), and caimans.
(B, L, D.)
- Sunrise in the Amazon is always an amazing spectacle. Early-morning boat ride for those who wish to see monkeys and birds. Return to the riverboat for breakfast while we continue upstream towards a huge oxbow lake where we arrive late morning. Here we board our shore boats and head into the lake to observe Horned Screamers (really weird birds) and Hoatzins (even weirder birds).

PM & EVE - During lunch, and the entire afternoon, we sail downstream, stopping in time for a post-dinner night hike after darkness has fallen. Flashlights in-hand, we head slowly down a rainforest trail and gaze in amazement at the wonderful creatures on display. The forest comes alive at night and one can see everything from bizarre katydids to colorful tree-frogs. We may find sleeping birds and butterflies, maybe even an Owl Monkey. Night walks are among the most unusual of experiences and an unforgettable way to appreciate the tropical rainforest.
(B, L, D.)

 Day 5 - Wednesday
- At wake up time we head towards a stream that runs through dense rainforest. The fishing and dolphin watching in the area is superb, and birders will enjoy watching from the forward observation deck as we head upstream. After breakfast, we cross the river to a place to walk in high forest. This is a botanical wonderland where the forest is a paradise, complete with brilliantly colored poison frogs, jumping about like tiny jewels on the trail.

PM - We return to our boat for a refreshing shower and a relaxing lunch while the boat cruises onward. Late in the afternoon we will go on an excursion by the small boats. Dusk will find us searching the skies for yet another Amazon sunset as the boat turns slowly into the mouth of a small jungle river. We'll overnight here.
- We  will take another nocturnal excursion in search of caimans and night birds (by aluminum boat).
(B, L, D.)
- Dawn is a cacophony of bird noises, punctuated by pink dolphins as they exhale. Coffee and tea on the deck while we try to get some pictures of the dolphins will be followed by breakfast as the boat slowly makes its way up the river. After breakfast, we'll trade for handicrafts with the friendly people at a couple of the villages. The locals make beautiful and interesting items and are happy to swap for t-shirts, dollars, or Peruvian currency. The children are eager to see who might be bringing candy, colored pencils, or other exotic goodies. Also, a variety of wild animals is usually on display...pets roaming through the village.


PM - After lunch we head off to fish for piranha and take in the wildlife in a big lagoon filled with tropical fish like those we see in pet shops. Late afternoon will find us cruising downstream towards the Amazon.

EVE - After dinner evening outing by small boat.
(B, L, D.)                                                                                                                                                                                        

- This morning we visit the river town of Requena with its interesting local market. Here you will see all types of river fish and jungle produce and meats. As we continue our trip down river, we later stop for a short hike into a small lake to view giant Amazon water lilies.

PM - Late afternoon we visit a small village with an excellent arts and crafts tradition, then we travel on to the main Amazon River and our destination of Iquitos.

EVE - The boat will run all night.
(B, L, D.)

 Day 8 - Saturday  - AMAZON RIVER & IQUITOS
- We will arrive back to Iquitos in the early morning. A quick breakfast and then transfer to the airport for the flight to Lima from where you can connect with your evening flight to the USA or continue on to a Cuzco and Machu Picchu extension tour.


* IMPORTANT NOTE: The itinerary, as shown, is subject to change without prior notice. Certain circumstances, such as: changing weather conditions, safety concerns and in general any reason or situation beyond our control may force local tour operators and / or their guides to alter any part of this itinerary for the wellbeing and in the best interest of travelers. Changes will only be made if they are absolutely necessary. Our goal is to provide clients with a safe environment and programs that exceed their expectations.

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