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Quito is the capital of Ecuador and one of two major gateways to the country. The city is located in the heart of the country in a beautiful valley of the Andes, surrounded by snow capped mountains.

Quito combines the magic of the Colonial legacy with the excitement of the 21st century and has much to offer to travelers. Most visitors will either enter or leave the country through via the

The colonial and modern city can be found everywhere you watch and go. The Old City gathers a number of magnificent churches, as well as many museums where visitors can appreciate the most valuable works of the Colonial art school, “la Escuela Quiteña”.
As an assessment of its artistic wealth, Quito’s Historic Downtown was named “Cultural Humankind Inheritance” by the UNESCO in 1978, being the first place on earth to be acknowledged with this recognition.


On the other hand, the northern part of the city hosts local and multinational business firms, banks, fine restaurants, entertainment facilities and all the services you would expect to find in a modern metropolis.


From any point of view Quito is an interesting city, worth to be visited by business people, tourists, art lovers… by everyone. The city is also the
starting point for Galapagos cruises, jungle programs and Andean treks. Absorb the culture and customs and enjoy the friendly atmosphere that surrounds this great city.

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