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Founded by the Spaniards in 1557, Cuenca is the third largest city of Ecuador and it is a culture and artisan center. In the year 2000 the city was inscribed by UNESCO on the list of World Heritage.

The city is located high up in the Andes surrounded by impressive mountain peeks and filled with culture and native Indian customs. The climate in Cuenca was said by the famous explorer Von Humboldt as "the best in the world". The city, due to it's elevation, is neither hot nor cold, it is literally perpetual Spring time all year.


The historical center of Cuenca preserves monuments and buildings dating from the Cañari and Inca times (XIV-XVI centuries), the colonial era (1557-1820) and the Republic period. The city is home to the original "panama hats" and has much to offer for both the adventure and more leisurely traveler.


There are several ways we can get to
Cuenca. We can go by car / bus over the north-south Pan-American highway, by train or by air in any of the several daily flights coming from Guayaquil and Quito. You can also drive from the Pacific coast of Ecuador to Cuenca which is an experience you will not forget.

Enjoy the colonial buildings and many monuments in and around the city and you will find a stay in this Andes town very rewarding.

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