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We welcome requests from individuals or small groups for customized itineraries, no matter how many people are traveling. Our # 1 priority is to make your vacation to South America a memorable one.

We offer two options:


1. Customize and / or combine existing programs, packages, cruises etc.
2. Custom build your itinerary from scratch.

Most of our programs, packages, cruises etc. can be combined and / or customized. Certain portions of an itinerary, such as a cruise or for example the portion of the Inca trail where travelers are ON the trail, can not, or can only slightly, be customized, but in general most parts of any of our packages, programs and services can be changed to fit the needs and expectations of our clients.

Example: A client has decided to take a Galapagos cruise but would also like to combine the cruise with a visit to Cuzco and Machu Picchu in Peru and maybe a few nights in a Jungle lodge in the Amazon.


- In order to put the three portions of the trip together we may have to add additional arrangements such as flights, transfers, extra hotel nights in Ecuador and Peru, maybe some sightseeing while in a city etc. We do it all. We will present our client with a modified day by day itinerary and customize the trip to the expectations of the people traveling. We want our tour participants to be 100% happy with their arrangements.
A client tells Latin Tours Online that he is planning a family reunion with 12 relatives to Brazil and gives us the date on which they would like to depart and the date on which they would like to return. They also tell us that they want only the best 5 star hotels and private services wherever they go. They need a bi-lingual guide during the time they are in Brazil and for the rest he tells us that they want to visit Iguazu Falls, see Rio de Janeiro for a few days, see wildlife and the Amazon rainforest.

- Requests like the one example given here are what we love to do. We will work together with the client all the way, open up a personalized page on our web-site where the client can see the progress of the day by day itinerary and the costs involved. Any changes and / or additions will be discussed with the clients and at the end we will present a program for Rio de Janeiro, Iguazu Falls, the Pantanal and the Amazon rainforest complete with flights, guides, transfers, accommodations, sightseeing tours, meals and any other services requested.


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