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Colombia is the fourth largest country of South America with 1.141.748 square kilometers and a population of close to 45 million. It is a country of great contrasts and ready to welcome travelers from around the world. Many are the reasons why people are visiting the country. Nature, History, Culture, Architecture or any interest you may have, you will find it here. 

From the white sandy beaches on the coast, the Caribbean islands, snow capped mountains and volcanoes in the Andes, vast open grassy areas in the "llanos" to the enormous jungles of the Amazon rain forest, Colombia will surely provide you with unforgettable memories. Besides sharing borders with Venezuela to the Northeast, Brazil to the Southeast and Ecuador and Peru to the South the country also has two coasts, the Caribbean Sea to the North and the Pacific ocean to the West. Whatever your interest may be: beaches, scuba diving, ancient ruins, mountain climbing, deep sea fishing or just plain relax, the friendly people of Colombia will welcome you and make your time here unforgettable.

Behind are the days of violence and terrorism and a lot has changed in the country over the past few years. Tourism to this Andean nation is back and visitors are arriving in ever increasing numbers. Colombia's Tourism  infrastructure is considered to be one of the best in Latin America and our company is proud to offer several programs here. Travelers from around the world are visiting the countries' many great places, such as the resort style city of Cartagena, the island of San Andres in the Caribbean and the Amazon rain forest, just to mention a few.

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