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Leticia is the capital of the department of Amazonas in Colombia and is located in the most Southern part of the country where Colombia, Brazil and Peru meet on the Amazon river.

This small peaceful jungle city is the starting point for a number of jungle adventures, tours and Amazon river programs. Travelers from around the world have discovered the city on their Amazon trips. The city is only accessible by air or by boat. No roads connect Leticia with the outside world as it is completely surrounded by the dense Amazon rainforest.


The unique setting of the city makes it a direct neighbor (by road) with the Brazilian city of Tabatinga and with the island of Santa Rosa (across the Amazon River accessible by boat only).


While tourism supplies the city with a significant source of employment and income, local trade and the Colombian Navy and Army bases in the city supply jobs for most of the people in town. Due to its proximity with Brazil and Peru trade is an important source of employment with fishing being number one. Many warehouses can be found on the shores of the Amazon River with fresh river fish arriving constantly. Several flights depart from Leticia to Bogota filled with fresh river fish.

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