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Deep down south we find the Colombian Amazon region. This enormous area offers stunning flora and fauna, rivers, streams, natives and dense rainforest occupying a vast area of the territory ending in the most southern part of the country at the Amazon River, bordering with Peru and Brazil.
It is here, in the "Tres Fronteras" (three frontiers) area, where we find the city of Leticia, gateway to the Amazon. Most visitors to this portion of the Amazon will arrive at the airport of Leticia after a 1 hour 40 minute flight from the capital Bogota. Other flights arrive from Iquitos (Peru) and Manaus (Brazil). The city has a good infrastructure of hotels providing you with comfortable accommodations before and after Jungle expeditions and tours. A variety of programs and Amazon river cruises are available from here.


The Colombia Amazon is part of the vast Amazon basin which is shared by Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela. One of the best known areas of the Colombian Amazon is Amacayacu National park.
The park is one of the best reserves in Colombia, and is a must for anyone wishing to visit this portion of South America. The park is situated on the banks of the Amazon, at the mouth of the river Matamata,  and encompasses swamp, Varzea and terra Firme forest. It is worth spending at least a few days here, making the most of the excursions offered. As in most areas of the Amazon it is not recommended to explore the jungle by yourself and the park is no exception. The park has strict guidelines and state that all visitors must be accompanied by a guide.

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