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We apologize, we do no longer produce brochures. In today's fast changing world, the travel industry is constantly changing as well and has become impossible to update brochures at the rate changes take place. Therefore, all our vacation packages, tours, programs and services are fully described and detailed in this web site. On our site we are able to up-date pages quickly, add new programs as desired or when they become available. With traditional brochures we are only able to update when new brochures are printed, normally once every year or two.

SAVINGS TO OUR CLIENTS: We save ... you save. By not producing color brochures we have been able to eliminate a significant portion of our operating costs (brochure production costs, printing and postage), which results in offering highly competitive rates on our vacation programs.

Don't think the decision of not printing a color brochure came easy, it did not. Traditionally the travel industry has produced some of the most beautiful and elaborate brochures around. The printing industry was for sure very grateful. Four color printing on high gloss quality paper comes at a high cost. As someone has to pay for these costs the travel industry passed the costs on to the clients in the form of elevated tour costs. Now, after extensive travel industry research and surveying our clients, we have come to the conclusion that most brochures, which need to be produced yearly at extremely high cost, are being discarded soon after they have been received. As access to the internet has grown at an amazing rate over the past years, our clients can now enter our site on their computers at home, at the workplace, coffee shops, libraries etc. Rather than having a brochure, our programs and services are available to you on the internet 24/7.

Some clients may still prefer a printed brochure. For these clients we are in the process of making all our vacation programs available in printed format (.PDF) to be downloaded and printed on your own computer.

Ultimately we all win. The substantial savings in production costs, printing and postage are being passed on to our customers in the cost of their trip cost. We thank you for your understanding.

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