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Visit: Amazon Rainforest, Savanna Tableland & Pantanal Wetlands
8 days / 7 nights -
Departs Sundays


 Tour Description:  Mato Grosso is the only state in Brazil that holds within its borders three Ecosystems almost equidistant from its capital, Cuiabá, and its respective airport. This program provides you with the opportunity of visiting the Amazon Rain Forest (290 kilometers towards the Northwest), the Savanna Tablelands and Chapada dos Guimarães (76 kilometers towards the Northeast) and the Pantanal (100 kilometers towards the South).
This program comprises 1,050 kilometers of true photo-safari without wasting time with flights and airports always accompanied by knowledgeable English speaking Naturalist guides.



 Day 1 - Sunday  - Cuiabá - Amazon Rainforest / Transfer to the Amazon and activities
& PM - Our services will begin with your arrival at Cuiabá / Várzea Grande Marechal Rondon airport where our local guide will welcome you outside the customs area. We strongly recommend our clients to arrive on a morning flight as there will be only one transfer to South America's divisor of waters, the Amazon.

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The four and a half hour sightseeing transfer by air conditioned van will take you along 200 kilometers of paved and 110 kilometers of unpaved roads to the Jardim da Amazonia Lodge where we check in. Time permitting we leave the lodge for some bird-watching along the Orchid Trail where numerous Hummingbirds, Painted Parakeets, Blue-headed Parrots, Masked Trogons, etc. can be found.
Dinner and overnight at the lodge.

 Day 2 - Monday  - Amazon Rainforest / Full day of activities
- After breakfast at the lodge the guides will lead you on an amazing trail deep into the forest where you will be in direct contact with its exuberant fauna and flora. The area is know for its good chances to encounter Tapir, the largest mammal in South America as well as numerous birds such as the solitary Tinamou, the Royal Flycatcher, Silver Beaked Tanager, etc. At the end of the walk you will take a boat trip on the River “Claro”, exploring the Anaconda Lake where we stop for some swimming near Palmeira beach. The crew will prepare a fish barbecue followed by a light nap in one of the comfortable hammocks. Later we canoe down the Claro River where we enjoy the solitude of the jungle and its different forms of life. Muscovy ducks, long tailed Tyrant, Cormorants, Amazon Kingfishers, Green and Rufus Kingfishers, Swallow Tanagers, Herons and more species can be spotted here.

EVE - Dinner and overnight at the lodge.
(B, L, D.)

 Day 3 - Tuesday  - Amazon Rainforest - Savanna Tablelands / Sightseeing transfer
- After breakfast we depart to the Chapada dos Guimarães Tablelands. Observe the ever-changing change in landscape before arriving at the Serra Azul in Nobres, a natural divisor of the Amazon River and Paraguay River watersheds. Here we take time for a short hike to visit caves, grottos and blue lakes of the Serra Azul. We can also enjoy snorkeling amid colorful fishes.

PM - After lunch we continue to travel to
Chapada dos Guimarães where we arrive by the end of the day at the National Park. Here we check in at the charming Park Eco Lodge.

EVE - Dinner and overnight at the Lodge.

(B, L, D.)

 Day 4 - Wednesday  - Savanna Tablelands / Sightseeing tour
- The day will be devoted to wonderful hikes trough this amazing National Park. Centuries of wind and rain have sculpted intriguing shapes in the sand stones covered with rich “Cerrado” vegetation. The songs of the birds and crystal clear waterfalls add to the enjoyment of the area. The hike ends at the 86 meter high waterfall “Véu de Noiva” where we can enjoy a traditional meal at the local restaurant, looking down to a huge canyon. Later there will be a light afternoon hike to enjoy the sunset behind the 850 meters high “São Geronimo” Peak in front of the Lodge.

Dinner and overnight at the Lodge.
(B, L, D.)

 Day 5 - Thursday  - Savanna Tablelands - Pantanal Wetlands / Sightseeing transfer to the Pantanal and activities
- Breakfast and morning check-out for a tour of the region. We will make a short drive trough the historical town of Chapada to visit the first church of the State of Mato Grosso where we also have a chance to do some handcraft shopping. From here we continue to the Geodesic Center of South America for a splendid view into the Cuiabana plain.

Pantanal's water cycles: In October the first rains fall after at least 90 days of absolute dryness resulting in the plain becoming green again in November and December. By January the plain begins to flood, reaching its crest by the middle of March marking the end of the raining season. From April to June the plain progressively begins to dry out and from July to September the plain is fully dry.

PM - Lunch will be served at a local restaurant with an enchanting view on the Pantanal plain. From here we restart the drive to the lowlands of the Pantanal. The first 167 kilometers will be over paved roads until the charming “gold miners” town of Poconé, located on the border of the Pantanal. Here we make a “pit-stop” for some snacks, toilet and picture taking of it’s central square, colonial buildings and cathedral. The last 32 kilometers of the transfer will be over the unpaved Transpantaneira Park Road in the form of a true photo-safari. On the way there will be stops for flora and fauna observation with great photo opportunities. Late in the afternoon we arrive at Araras Eco Lodge where the staff will be waiting with a welcome drink and to assign your comfortable room. The Lodge offers a friendly and clean environment following the most traditional Pantanal way. The guides will take you on a presentation tour of the Lodge and its surroundings.

EVE - Dinner at the lodge and a night walk to enjoy the south hemisphere night sky with its sounds and freshness.

(B, L, D.)


 Day 6 - Friday  - Pantanal / Full day of activities
& PM - Today you will wake up in the middle of the Pantanal with the sounds of the local birds and animals. With a little luck you will be able to observe the Blue Macaws "Araras" in one of trees of the Lodge. After an early breakfast we depart on a “safari-truck” towards the Corichão River, some 4.5 kilometers from the lodge. Here we will board canoes and in parties of two, we paddle our way along the river, enjoying the scenery at our own rhythm.

PM - Lunch will be taken at the river camp before returning to the lodge for a well deserved afternoon “siesta”. By mid afternoon tea and snacks will be served before the start of the afternoon activities. Again we will leave on the “safari-truck”, south along the Transpantaneira Park road. There will be plenty of opportunities to spot the local wildlife.

EVE - Dinner at the lodge followed by tea around an open fire place or a slide presentation.
(B, L, D.)

 Day 7 - Saturday  - Pantanal / Full day of activities
- Early morning wake up call for a sunrise walk. You will have plenty of time to enjoy an amazing symphony, produced by the different birds and monkeys who announce a new day. Return to the lodge for breakfast followed by a horse back ride trough the plain, the woods and forest. The guides will teach us about the incredible “mosaic” of plants and the composition of all main Brazilian ecosystems, the reason of Pantanal’s rich wildlife and fame.

PM - Back at the lodge we have a chance to enjoy the famous organic buffalo meat barbecue lunch. The lodge is proud of their pure Pantaneiros horses and buffalo breading, as well as the maintenance of the local “peões” tradition. These are some of the aspects that qualify Araras Eco Lodge as a real “ecotouristic product”. Hammock siesta, followed by a walk to Araras famous “Howler Monkeys Tower”, a 25 meter high wooden tower, build amid dense forest, home of three different monkeys species and from where you have a fabulous overview on the plain, forest and surrounding area.

EVE - Dinner at the Lodge followed by a night drive to
find nocturnal animals that may be in the vicinities of the Transpantaneira Park Road. Overnight at the lodge.
(B, L, D.)

 Day 8 - Sunday  - Pantanal & Cuiabá / Transfer out
- On this last morning you may want to take advantage and wake up early to observe a stunning sunrise over the Pantanal. Enjoy the morning at leisure for personal undertakings with the assistance of your guide before being transferred to Cuiabá airport.


* IMPORTANT NOTE: The itinerary, as shown, is subject to change without prior notice. Certain circumstances, such as: changing weather conditions, safety concerns and in general any reason or situation beyond our control may force local tour operators and / or their guides to alter any part of this itinerary for the wellbeing and in the best interest of travelers. Changes will only be made if they are absolutely necessary. Our goal is to provide clients with a safe environment and programs that exceed their expectations.

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