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Sao Paulo is the largest city in South America and it is known to be the fastest growing city on the continent. Sao Paulo (Portuguese for Saint Paul) is the capital of the state of Sao Paulo in southeastern Brazil. It is located 400 kilometers (250 miles) from Rio de Janeiro, and 1,030 kilometers (640 miles) from the Federal capital Brasília.

The city has an area of 1,523 square kilometers (588 square miles) and a population of just over 11 million (2006 estimate), which makes it the largest and most populous city in the Southern Hemisphere.


Nineteen million people live in the greater Sao Paulo metropolitan area as defined by the government, making it one of the five most populated in the world. However, when the many adjacent metropolitan areas, such as Baixada Santista, São José dos Campos, Campinas, Sorocaba, etc. are included, such as in the Extended Metropolitan Area Sao Paulo, there are nearly 29 million inhabitants, more than any other city in the world except Tokyo, Japan with 35 million. The region forms an even larger urban corridor or megalopolis with Rio de Janeiro and Volta Redonda.


The city is covered with skyscrapers that stretch beyond the horizon in all directions. Sao Paulo has the world in itself, with its amazing varied popular sections, such as Bexiga (The Italian District), Liberdade (The Japanese District), and Vinte e Cinco de Março (The Arab Business District) ... All at once, São Paulo has more than 600 hotels and nearly 1000 restaurants.

the city has lots to offer to visitors, such as:

Butantã Snake Farm and Museums For the truly exotic, see snake, scorpion, and spider exhibits at the Butantã Snake Farm and Museum where snake venom is extracted at the research center for antidotes used worldwide. True art lovers should not miss the Sao Paulo Museum of Art which houses masterpieces by Renoir, Van Gogh, Matisse, Picasso, Monet, Goya, Degas, and other world-renowned painters. The Sacred Art Museum provides a rare example of pau-a-pique construction (sticks and clay without lime) as well as religious art from the 16th century in an active convent. Looking for something a little different? Try the dome-shaped Aeronautic and Folklore museums in beautiful Ibirapuera Park (a health enthusiast's dream with jogging tracks, trails, and tennis courts as well as another museum and a planetarium).


Coffee Plantation The State of Sao Paulo is still one of the most important coffee producers in Brazil. A 120 kilometer ride to the Northwest, takes you to a plantation which is administered by a Dutch cooperative where the main product is coffee, but citrus-fruits, cotton, soy and flowers are also cultivated. Guests will be introduced to the plantation process and a charming open air lunch is served in the most rustic farm style.


Sao Paulo's Nightlife Almost intense as the New Yorker's. Start the evening with a cocktail high above the city from Terraço Itália restaurant, with a fascinating view over the city night lights. Then proceed to one of the best "Churrascarias" that Sao Paulo has to offer. After dinner, you are invited to one of the best entertainment places in town, where you can listen to Jazz, Rock or American Country Music, dancing modern international rhythms or just to enjoy the fantastic Brazilian rhythms, like the Samba and the Forró or Frevo from the Northeast. And if you are still in the mood, round up the famous nightclubs, because Sao Paulo never sleeps.


Santos and Guarujá Santos harbor is located 65 km from São Paulo. A fascinating trip along with marvelous landscape and splendid views of the Atlantic Ocean. Highway crosses large areas of the Atlantic forest. The city has got impressive modern buildings and large tree framed avenues and parks. The old "Coffee Trade Building" from 1922 is worth a visit - after a short sightseeing we cross the city's center and continue along the beaches to São Vicente, in the neighborhood where the Southern Brazil's discovery began in 1507. Visit to the beautiful Porchat island and embark a ferry-boat across the channel to the seaside resort of Guarujá, favorite weekend refuge of Paulistas.

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