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Visit: Manaus - Rio Negro River - Amazon River and Rainforest

4 days - 3 night / Begins any day of the week


 Tour Description:  The Acajatuba "Jaguatirica" Exploration will give trip members a good taste of the Amazon Rainforest, the rivers and the many smaller tributaries. During daily excursions over water and by foot, always accompanied by multi-lingual guides, you will explore many different parts of the Amazon jungle and its maze of waterways. Knowledgeable guides will explain about life and the abundant flora and fauna in the forest surrounding the lodge and the use of many jungle products for local and medicinal purposes. Programs includes transfers, accommodations at Acajatuba lodge, meals and guided excursions.


 Day 1 - Any day  - Manaus (Amazon) - Acajatuba Lodge / Transfer in
- Services will begin at around 7 AM with an early pick-up from the airport (afternoon transfers also available), or from your local hotel in Manaus for the transfer to the local "Ceasa" port. From here you will depart at 8 AM on a regional boat down the Negro River to the Lodge.

- Contact us for additional services in Manaus and/or airfares to and in Brazil -
NOTE - Travelers should arrive in Manaus at least one day early and book departure flights in the evening or the day
after the program ends

On the way we pass the famous "Meeting of Waters" where black waters of the Negro River slowly mix with the brown colored waters of the Amazon River. Upon arrival at Acajatuba lodge you will be greeted with a welcome drink before checking into your comfortable accommodations.

PM - Lunch will be served at the lodge followed by a guided canoe tour through the "igarapés" and "igapós". While exploring this part of the mid-Amazon you will get a feel of the mighty Amazon Rainforest that surrounds you at all times. While paddling along the waters the bi-lingual Naturalist guide will explain about the forest, the use of plants and vines and the fauna in this magnificent region. You will return to lodge to enjoy the always beautiful sunset over the Amazon forest.

EVE - After dinner we leave the lodge in small boats. A guide will take us along streams and small rivers in search of the elusive Amazon Caiman. With flashlight in hand he will try to get close enough for a good look. Nocturnal birds and small mammals may also be spotted along the banks of the river. Overnight at the lodge.

(L & D.)
 Day 2  - Acajatuba Lodge - Amazon River & Rainforest / Sightseeing
- The early morning hours are perhaps the best time to really appreciate the Amazon rainforest. The sounds of insects, birds and animals will stay in your mind for a long time after you have left this part of the world.
Be prepared for an early morning wake-up call and a sunrise tour. Some of your best pictures will be taken during this time of the day when the night makes place for the day and the jungle comes to life. Return to the lodge for breakfast followed by a guided walk through the Amazon jungle and a visit to the dwelling of some local native people.


PM - After lunch at the lodge we head out for a Piranha fishing trip "Amazon style". With no more than a line, a hook and a small piece of meat we will catch this infamous predator of the Amazon waters. Piranhas can be found in all rivers of the Amazon and its tributaries as well as many other species of fish. The region on the upper Rio Negro is famous for pea-cock bass fishing. While the sun sets in the horizon we return to the lodge by late afternoon. In the waters near Acajatuba Lodge we can observe the "botos", or fresh water river dolphins, play.

EVE - Dinner and overnight at the lodge.
(B, L, D.)

 Day 3  - Acajatuba Lodge - Amazon River & Rainforest / Sightseeing
- After breakfast we leave the lodge and travel by boat to a fluvial beach on the calm waters of the Rio Negro where we will spend the morning. The size of the beach will depend on the time of the year that you will visit the area, as water levels between high and low water season fluctuates some 35 to 40 feet.

PM - We return to the lodge for lunch and some time to relax. Enjoy the facilities of Acajatuba lodge before the guide takes us out into the jungle for an exploration of the rainforest. The excursion will end at a native village   n we he lodge Later in the afternoon the guide will take us out into the jungle we visit a native village in the area. Here you will be able to observe the way these river people live their lives in harmony with the surrounding flora and fauna.

EVE - We return to the lodge for dinner and a night at leisure. Overnight at the lodge.
(B, L, D.)

 Day 4  - Acajatuba Lodge - Manaus / Transfer

- Enjoy sunrise at the lodge when the sun slowly peeks through the branches of the surrounding trees. After breakfast we leave into the forest to observe the "Samaumeira", the largest tree of the Amazon rainforest. For many centuries, natives of the region have used these trees as a means of communication by beating on the huge trunks. The sounds produced carry for many miles into the jungle. We will return to the lodge later in the morning in preparation for the end of this trip.

PM - After lunch at the lodge we will return to Manaus where our services will end at the port at around 5:30 PM.
(B, L.)


* IMPORTANT NOTE: The itinerary, as shown, is subject to change without prior notice. Certain circumstances, such as: changing weather conditions, safety concerns and in general any reason or situation beyond our control may force local tour operators and / or their guides to alter any part of this itinerary for the wellbeing and in the best interest of travelers. Changes will only be made if they are absolutely necessary. Our goal is to provide clients with a safe environment and programs that exceed their expectations.

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