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Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world, located on the shores of the Beagle Channel and surrounded by the Martial Mounts. The city is the capital of the Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and Southern Atlantic Islands Province, and its superlative location allows visitors to enjoy sea, mountains and forests at the same time. As the entire area is a tax free zone it is also a great place for shopping where we find imported goods along with regional products.

Ushuaia and surroundings can be enjoyed year round. During the summer season it is an ideal place for adventure travelers who go trekking, horseback riding or even mountain biking inside Tierra del Fuego National Park. Others may want to come to Ushuaia during this season for its spectacular fishing. From here we can even take amazing trips across the Beagle Channel, Cape Horn up to Argentine Antarctica.

One of the area's main attractions is the Tierra del Fuego National Park which gives travelers a chance to discover natural beauties like Lake Escondido and Lake Fagnano, as well as the Martial Glacier. For those who wish to grasp the character and spirit of this uttermost land's pioneers, there is nothing like a visit to one of the typical Patagonian estancias, like Harberton.

At a short distance we find the picturesque town of Tolhuin, which can be visited along with Lakes Chepelmut and Yehuin. During any of these excursions visitors will be able to observe this unexplored piece of Earth's autochthonous flora and fauna. A longer (but very interesting) journey will take you to the northern part of the island to visit the second largest city, where most of the oil companies as well as cattle raisers are based: Río Grande.

Winter and its snowy landscapes change the face of Ushuaia radically. At only 15 kilometers from the city we find Mount Castor Ski Resort, on Krund Hill. For skiing enthusiasts the possibilities here are almost endless.

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