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The city of Mendoza is located at the foot of the Andes mountain range and is the capital city of the province of the same name. Mendoza is the main city of Western Argentina and due to the variety of activities available both in the city and the region it is one of the most popular destinations in the country.

Mendoza welcomes visitors with a beautiful sight of streets flanked by trees, squares and parks, all this linked by a web of irrigation ditches of some 500 kilometers long watering the entire area and allowing city planning even in arid zones. The city keeps up with its historic tradition and many memories can be found of San Martín. The "cerro de la Gloria" (Hill of Glory), "El Plumerillo", San Martín Park and local museums show documents testifying the presence in the region of this distinguished Argentinean person. Travelers enjoy Mendoza while walking the five squares, the civic centre and the foundation area where they can admire the culture, history and the habits of its local people.

The city of Mendoza is the starting point for adventure travelers who come here for mountain sports like climbing, skiing or rafting ... ask us for more information on these type of excursions. From here we also start the well known "Ruta de los Vinos" (Route of the Wines) on which travelers visit ancient cellars while tasting excellent yields, product of carefully chosen grapes. The area surrounding the city is an incredible oasis for fruit and vegetable growers due to the presence of the Mendoza and Tunuyán Rivers. Interesting places and towns can be visited, such as the ruins of San Francisco Church, Maipú, El Challao, Villavicencio Thermal Resort, Cacheuta, Potrerillos and Vallecitos.

The climate of the region is mild though the mountains provide a certain degree of aridity. The temperature in Summer ranges from 18º C to 33º C and days are hot and nights are fresh. During the winter months minimum temperature is 3º C and the maximum registered temperature is 16º C.

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