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The falls at Iguassu are located on the border between Brazil and Argentina. It is easy to describe this "World Heritage" site. Impressive and Beautiful ... that's what visitors say of this display of nature. The thunderous roar of 275 waterfalls plunging down in the gorge some 269 feet (70 meters) below can be heard from miles away.

The falls at the Argentinean side of Iguassu Falls, together with its counterpart on the Brazilian side are one of the most famous and visited sites in South America and are a "must see" when traveling to Argentina. The falls stretch out some 2 miles and can be reached from both sides for some amazing views.
The Argentinean side provides an intimate touch with the falls. Many walking trails are paved throughout the reserve, and a train brings visitors from the gate to the falls themselves. Walking through the park makes it possible to enjoy the rich flora and the huge amount of beautiful birds, butterflies (over 500 types in the area) and other animals. The most impressive fall in the area is called "La Garganta del Diablo", meaning "the Devil's throat". Those who seek some excitement can take a speed boat ride along the Devil's canyon up to the Garganta del Diablo falls.

The Brazilian side of the falls may be less impressive but it provides beautiful scenery and panoramic views of the Argentinean falls.

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