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Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina, key center of the Republic and one of the biggest Latin American cities. Approximately three million people live within its 202 square kilometers (78.3 sq miles), however, together with the metropolitan area, the total population of Buenos Aires is above ten millions, making it one of the ten most populated urban centers in the world. In front of its coasts, washed by the Río de la Plata, you will find Montevideo, capital of Uruguay, only 45 minutes away by plane or two hours and a half by ship. This cosmopolitan metropolis has a clear universalistic influence amazing International tourists time after time.

With a European architecture, many streets will remind you of those of Paris. Numerous museums, convention centers, art galleries, cinemas and theaters, with national and international first class performances, are testimony to Buenos Aires' cultural life.


The Colon Opera House, one of the most important opera venues of the world, is the center of an intense musical activity that encompasses all genres, including, of course, the typical and famous Tango. Orchestras, groups and soloists from every part of the world frequently visit the city.


Buenos Aires is the economic heart of the country and also the main harbor of the country. Its commercial activity is very intense, as it shown by the numerous premises featuring the main worldwide trademarks, galleries and shopping centers.


Buenos Aires is famous for its nightlife which is very diverse and only ends in the small hours. Discotheques, restaurants, cafés, and many other attractions for all preferences abound, offering a wide range of possibilities for the tourists and locals. With more than 100 cinemas and 90 theaters, it is one of the Latin American cities with the most intense theatrical activity. Its music shows are very varied, where the tango (played in typical "tanguerías" which exhibit diverse shows, especially in the San Telmo district), folk music, jazz, pop, rock, and other musical styles offer multiple options. National and international recitals are common in theaters, stadiums and other centers.


Innumerable restaurants, in all the gastronomic styles and for all budgets, delight visitors while Pubs and discotheques offer different options for all tastes.

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